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This site is dedicated to the teachings of Venerable Ayya Khema (1923-1997), a Theravada Buddhist nun ordained in Sri Lanka . Her teachings (which were prolific) describe simple and effective meditation methods for development of calm and insight, for expanding feelings of loving-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity towards others, and for overcoming obstacles to practice. She also gives detailed and lucid instructions for the meditative absorptions (jhanas) which provide access to higher states of consciousness, the way the Buddha himself practiced.

Many of the Dhamma talks she gave from various retreats she conducted from 1988 to 1996 were recorded. There are over 412 talks from over 25 retreats. In these talks she covers all of the essentials of the Buddhist path: The Four Noble Truths, The Noble Eight-fold Path, Karma and Rebirth, The Five Aggregates, The Ten Virtues, and many many more topics.

In the spirit of the Buddhist teachings, these talks are made available free of charge.

Highly recommended sets are:

Santa Fe , 1992 talks 14 -33
Holy Redeemer, 1991 talks 1-26
Santa Cruz , 1994, Part Two, talks 2-29
Mount Mary Immaculate, 1990, talks 1-18
Green Gulch, 1996, talks 2 and 11. (These are a series of Guided Loving Kindness meditations which have been extracted and put in the Loving Kindness Classic folder.

There are three compilations: Loving Kindness Classic, Loving Kindness New Style, and ‘Contemplations and Guided Meditations'.

These talks are presented with the permission of Ven. Nyanabodhi of Metta Vihara Monastery in Germany .

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